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How to participate

The Human Potential Programme

How to participate

To get involved in the different schemes supported by this programme participants are either required to make an application directly to the Commission or to make contact with the co-ordinator of a project/organisation/conference, which has been selected for support.

A. Activities requiring a proposal to the Commission

For proposals to the Commission, applicants develop a proposal in response to a call for proposals/tender, which is published in the Official Journal of the European Communities and on this web site. As soon as a call is launched a Guide for Proposers, including proposal forms, is made available under ‘How to make an application…’ within the different programme activities.

For Raising Public Awareness, Improving the Scientific Knowledge Base, Strategic Analysis of specific political issues, Common Basis for Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators, and Accompanying Measures – applications are made to the Commission following the procedure highlighted above.

B. Activities not requiring a proposal to the Commission

To participate in activities that do not require a proposal to the Commission, potential participants should check the eligibility requirements available on each activity’s web pages and then contact the project co-ordinator directly. Details of organisations with vacancies/places for activities supported by the Commission are given on the activity web pages. These activities do not require completion of an application form.

Research Training Networks

  1. Research teams apply to the Commission

  2. Young researchers apply directly to selected networks

Marie Curie Fellowships

  1. For Individual Fellowships (post-doctoral level, return and experienced researcher) researchers apply in conjunction with a host organisation to the Commission

  2. To apply for a Marie Curie Host Fellowships scheme (industry, development and training sites) organisations apply to the Commission to host young researchers

  3. To gain a training place in a Host Fellowship - young researchers apply to selected organisations

Enhancing Access to Research Infrastructures

  1. Infrastructure operators apply to the Commission to provide access

  2. Individual researchers and research teams apply directly to the facility of interest

  3. RTD projects, networks, workshops and round-tables project co-ordinators apply to the Commission

High-level Scientific Conferences

  1. Conference co-ordinators apply to the Commission

  2. Participants apply directly to the co-ordinator of the event of interest


  1. Applicants for the Descartes and Archimedes Prizes apply to the Commission

  2. Contests for the Young Scientists Contest first enquiry with the National Organiser of their contest in their country.

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