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Vacancies, events, research opportunities

The Human Potential Programme

Vacancies, events, research opportunities

There is a wide range of opportunities for individuals and research teams to participate in the activities supported by this programme. To take part in the activities listed below researchers should contact the network, host fellowship organiser, research infrastructure of conference co-ordinator directly, not the Commission, and must meet the necessary eligibility criteria.

Research Training Networks' pre- and post-doc vacancies
Vacancies: find the list of Research Training Networks, selected by the Commission, which are now offering pre- and post-doc positions
Eligibility criteria: click here .

Marie Curie Host Fellowships' pre- and post-doc vacancies
Click here to find the list of organisations, selected by the Commission, offering positions under the three host fellowship schemes:
- Marie Curie Industry Host Fellowships
- Marie Curie Development Host Fellowships
- Marie Curie Training Sites
Eligibility criteria: click here .

Access to Research Infrastructures
Click here for the list of major research infrastructures, which with the support of the Human Potential Programme, are able to open access to their facilities to researchers under Framework Programmes 4 and 5.
Eligibility criteria: click here .

Participate in a High-level Scientific Conference
Click here for details of the events that have been selected for support.
To participate in an event contact the event organizers listed.
Eligibility criteria: click here .

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