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High-level Scientific Conferences - Guided Tour

High-level Scientific Conferences

Guided Tour

Welcome to High-level Scientific Conferences. This activity aims to promote scientific and technological excellence by creating opportunities for scientific exchange by:

  • allowing senior researchers to impart their experience to the younger generation.

  • creating a framework for the networking of EU researchers with scientists outside the Member and Associated States.

The Activity introductory leaflet - DOC or PDF

To find out more about if and how you may participate have a look at our Guided Tour, which gives you a quick view (please read also the FAQs ):

  1. What are High-level Scientific Conferences ?

  2. How do I/We participate in this activity ?

  3. Can I/We participate in this activity ?

  4. Information on FP5 calls and supporting documents ?

  5. Is there any information about previous projects ?

  6. Is there any assistance available ?

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