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Marie Curie Fellowships - Guided Tour - Tour 4 - Calls and Deadlines

Marie Curie Fellowships

Calls and Deadlines for Submission


The 2002 deadlines will be the last opportunity to apply within the Fifth Framework Programme. All proposals arriving late for the relevant deadlines will not be considered for evaluation.

Remember that proposals need to arrrive before 5 pm (local time in Brussels) of the corresponding closing date.

Programmes Type Publication Ref. Official
Human Potential Individual 16-Mar-1999* 1999/C72/14 IHP-MCIF-99-1 VIEW DEADLINES
Industry 15-Feb-2000

Industry 15-Feb-2001

Training sites 15-Feb-2001 2001/C 49/17 IHP-MCHT-01-1
Development 15-Feb-2001 2001/C 49/17 IHP-MCHD-01-1
Life Individual 6-Mar-1999* 1999/C64/13 1999/C 64/13
Industry 6-Mar-1999* 1999/C64/13 1999/C 64/13
Training sites 6-Mar-1999* 1999/C64/13 1999/C 64/13
IST Industry 10-Feb-2000 2000/C38/08 ** IST-00-5-2B**
Growth Individual (B40) 16-Mar-1999* 1999/C72/17 Growth 1999
Industry 16-Mar-1999* 1999/C72/17 Growth 1999
Energy Individual 24-Oct-2000* 2000/C303/10 Energie-Open
Industry 24-Oct-2000* 2000/C303/10 Energie-Open
Training sites 24-Oct-2000* 2000/C303/10 Energie-Open
Development 24-Oct-2000* 2000/C303/10 Energie-Open
Environment Individual 20-Mar-1999* 1999/C77/12 EESD-ENV-99-1
Industry 20-Mar-1999* 1999/C77/12 EESD-ENV-99-1
Training sites 20-Mar-1999* 1999/C77/12 EESD-ENV-99-1
Development 20-Mar-1999* 1999/C77/12 EESD-ENV-99-1
Nuclear Energy Individual 16/10/2001* OJ ref: C290/12 NE-Open 2
* Open Call
** Reference valid for 2000 call only
*** Reference valid for 2001 call only

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