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Marie Curie Fellowships - How to follow

Marie Curie Fellowships

How to follow the applications

  • The reception of the proposals is acknowledged by fax or by post (when no fax n°. is specified in the proposal).
    Note that the reception date by the Commission is given in the acknowledgement of receipt. This means that if your application was late you will know at a very early stage.

    Remember that the 10 day period after the deadline for reception of postal deliveries NO LONGER APPLIES. Proposals have to arrive before or on the deadline. (New Rule).

    Check that the date and time printed on your acknowledgement of receipt is no later than the given deadline. This is also relevant for hand-delivered proposals: check that the time of arrival is no later than 5pm (local time in Brussels on the date of the deadline).

    The acknowledgement of receipt includes the proposal number.

    If after a few weeks you do not have your acknowledgement of receipt, contact the Reception Infopoint on


    E-mail: (email removed)

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