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Marie Curie Fellowships - Guided Tour

Marie Curie Fellowships

Guided Tour

This information has been prepared to give you an overview of all the types of fellowships available for researchers and organisations, under the Fifth Framework Programme. We hope that this will enable you to assess quickly if and how you might take up the numerous opportunities that are available for research training and the exchange of expertise and know-how.

  1. What are Marie Curie Fellowships ?
  2. How do I/We participate in Marie Curie Fellowships ?
  3. Can I/We participate in Marie Curie Fellowships ?
  4. How should I/We prepare a proposal ?
  5. When are the deadlines for proposals ?
  6. How will my proposal be evaluated ?
  7. What happens after my proposal is evaluated ?
  8. Is there any information about previous projects ?
  9. Is there any assistance available ?
  10. What other fellowships/bursaries are available under the Fifth Framework Programme ?

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