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Marie Curie Fellowships - Guided Tour - Tour 6 - Research / training opportunities - Post-doctoral level

Marie Curie Fellowships

Industry Host Fellowships (Post-doctoral level)

Marie Curie Industry Host Fellowships give young researchers the opportunity to receive transnational industrial research training in companies.

Fellowships are aimed particularly at young researchers without previous industrial or commercial research experience and encourage co-operation and the transfer of knowledge and technology between industry and academia.

For more detailed information see the section on "Arrangements for Fellows" in the Guide for Proposers for Marie Curie Industry Host Fellowships .

What are the requirements for fellows?

  • Nationality

    All fellows must be nationals of an EU Member or Associated State, or have resided in the EU for at least five years immediately prior to their selection by the company.

  • Professional situation

    At the time of selection, fellows may not be employed by the company or an affiliated organisation, and may not have been employed in research in any industrial or commercial company for more than one year following completion of their university studies (graduate level).

  • Mobility

    They must not undertake their fellowship in the country of their nationality or recent centre of activity. Nationals from an Associated State can only carry out their fellowship in a Member State.

  • Age

    At the time of selection the fellow must be 35 years old or less.

  • Research Experience

    Researchers must have a doctoral degree or at least four years of full-time research experience at postgraduate level other than doctoral studies.

What is the duration?

  • Postgraduate fellows: 12 to 24 months
  • Postgraduate fellows pursuing doctoral studies as part of their research training at the company: 12 to 24 months

What is the estimated salary?

Fellows will receive:

  • a subsistence allowance , that will vary according to the country of the host institution;
  • a mobility allowance of 400 euro per month;
  • companies must pay a return travel between the fellows' present country of activity and that of the host institution.

NOTE that this is a Host Fellowship : Candidates apply directly to the host institutions. Find information on vacancies using the vacancy search tool .

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