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Access to Research Infrastructures - Events

Access to Research Infrastructures (ARI)

Conference on Research Infrastructures (18-20 Septembre 2000) - Proceedings

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  1. Introduction

  2. Programme

  3. Opening speech by Mr. Mitsos ,
    Director General of Research, European Commission

  4. Opening speech by Mr. Courtillot ,
    Director General of Research, France

  5. The Panel sessions

    Panel A - The role of infrastructures in research : report - annex

    Panel B - Technological innovation, industrial and socio-economic aspects of research infrastructures : report - annex

    Panel C - International dimension : report - annex

    Panel D - Evaluation and monitoring of access to research infrastructures : report - annex

    Panel E - Infrastructure networking : report - annex

    Panel F - How to develop the European research infrastructure : report

  6. Keynote speakers:

    Roger Bonnet: talk - slides
    Hans Hoffmann: talk - slides
    Gonzalo León: talk - slides
    Juhani Kuusi: talk
    Eduardo Boncinelli: talk
    Peter Tindemans: talk
    Gordon Van Citters: talk - slides

  7. The three Round-table sessions on "Key Issues"

    Round-table 1 - Matching needs and resources
    Moderator: R. Van Duinen: summary - presentation - slides
    M. Lagunas, P. Papon,
    C. Paterman, E. Praestgaard,
    H. Schunck, H. Soderland,
    D. Williams.

    Round-table 2 - Associating the relevant actors
    Moderator: A. Quintanilha: summary - presentation - slides
    P. Boekholt, L. Challis,
    R. Escritt, N. Kroó,
    H. Nowotny, C. Rizzuto.

    Round-table 3 - Defining and implementing the action
    Moderator: J.-F. Minster: summary - presentation - slides
    E. Banda, H. Chang,
    E. Economou, P. Kind,
    K. Pounds, F. Praderie.

  8. Speech by Mr. Busquin ,
    European Commissioner for Research

  9. Declaration on behalf of Steering Group

  10. Speech by Mr. Schwartzenberg ,
    French Minister for Research

  11. Other speeches in the closing session:

    Mr. Gago , Mr. Östros , Mr. Marimon , Mr. Palinkas , Mr. Mertens

Annex 1 : List of participants by alphabetical order

Annex 2 : List of Posters and Demos

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