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Research Training Networks - How to apply for a Network

How to apply for a Network

Making a proposal

To make a proposal for this activity applicants will require:

  1. The Call as published in the Official Journal of the European Communities and announced on this web site. The Call indicates the 'Call identifier', which is the reference number to be indicated in the proposal;

  2. The Guide for Proposers, which provides all the information required by applicants, including rules for participation, how to prepare and submit a proposal, the criteria for evaluation, etc.;

  3. The relevant proposal form

The final call, in the Fifth Framework programme, for Research Training Network proposals was launched on 15th December 2000 with a deadline of 4th May 2001. For reference purposes, it is possible to consult the required documents relating to this call by clicking here .

Please note that the information presented here is now for reference purposes only, as the funding of projects through the Fifth Framework is no longer possible, it being superseded by the Sixth Framework Programme .

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