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Research Training Networks - Guide for coordinators

Research Training Networks

Guide for Network Co-ordinators

These pages provide the information necessary for the successful management of a Research Training Network.


Each Research Training Network starts with the establishment of a contract between the network participants and the European Commission. Click here for an example of the type of contract that will be signed:

Cost Reimbursement Model Contract


During the life span of each individual network, the network co-ordinator will be required to preparing a number of reports on the progress of the network to the Commission. The sequence of reports is: an initial report, usually 1 month after the signature of the contract, annual reports, a mid-term report, a final report. Guidelines on how and when to make reports are available below:

Reporting guidelines for Network co-ordinators

Where to send your reports

How to update your database report on the Internet

How to create, update or delete your Network vacancy on the Internet

Mid-term review manual with report guidelines for Fourth Framework TMR networks: PDF - Word

Cost statements

Each annual report submitted to the Commission must be accompanied by a cost statement. The guidelines on how to prepare cost statements explain the general principles for allowable costs, the submission of cost statements and payments by the Commission as well as the forms required for cost statements.


The European Commission set up a panel of independent experts to conduct the mid-term review of 96 network contracts selected following the first call for networks within the Training and Mobility of Researchers (TMR) Programme. Click here for a copy of the report.

Between March 1998 and October 1999 a questionnaire survey of young network researchers was carried out as part of the individual mid-term reviews of the 1996 TMR networks funded following the first call in 1995. Click here for a copy of the report.

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