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Research Training Networks - Contract Negotiation Documents

Research Training Networks

Contract Negotiation Documents

Documents necessary for the negotiation of new Research Training Network contracts following the 2nd call of 15th December 2000 are provided here.

Contract Preparation Forms: PDF - Word - Excel
The co-ordinating institute, in consultation with the other institutes of the network, is responsible for the completion of forms A0 to A4 inclusive. All institutes involved in the network, including the co-ordinating institute, should complete the A5 forms.

Preparation of List of the Participants and Description of Work: PDF - Word
This will become Annex I of successfully negotiated contracts. The scientific network co-ordinator is responsible for producing it based on the proposed programme of work and incorporating any recommendations made within the Evaluation Summary Report.

Model Research Training Network Contract: PDF - Word
Cost Statements: Excel
A model of the contract which will be concluded between the Commission and the Principal Contractor (the co-ordinating institute) following successful negotiations is provided here. Cost Statement forms, which will need to be submitted after each 12 month period following the start of any contract, are also provided.

Guide for Proposers
Details on the Reference rates for Marie-Curie Fellows, which may be used as an indicative guide for determining the personnel costs of young researchers employed in a Research Training Network if so desired, are provided in Chapter 4 of this Guide. Annex 1 provides information on the various sub-discipline codes to be used in the preparation of the Table in Section 5 of the Description of Work.

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