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Research Training Networks - Guide for coordinators - Guidelines for the preparation

Research Training Networks

Each annual report submitted to the Commission must be accompanied by Cost Statements. The guidelines on how to prepare cost statements explain the general principles for allowable costs, the submission of cost statements and payments by the Commission, as well as the forms required. These are available below for:

TMR networks starting in 1996: PDF - Word

TMR networks starting in 1997/1998: PDF - Word

IHP networks starting in 2000:

IHP networks starting in 2002:

Information, for non-euro currency countries, on the relevant exchange rate to use is also available.

New Prior approval is required in order for travel and subsistence to be charged to the network contract for attendance at an international conference, workshop, meeting outside an EU Member or Associated State and/or for an External Expert from outside an EU Member or Associated State to attend a network meeting. The form to request this is given in Annex B of the Cost Statement guidelines, as well as here: PDF - Word

N.B. All forms are in MS Word format: if you do not have access to this software, you can download the MS Word Viewer, which allows browsing and printing of documents here .

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