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Research Training Networks - Guided tour - Tour 3

Research Training Networks

Guided Tour

3. Can I/We participate?

As a Research Training Network

As a general rule, a research network should involve at least five mutually independent legal entities, which are established in at least three Member States of the Community or Associated States who recieve Community Funding. At least one of these legal entities must be established in a Community Member State. The Associated states can be found in the Guide for Proposers as the full text.

Please note that in all cases, participation by the Joint Research Centre is equivalent to Member State participation and participation from third countries and International Organisations must take place with the minimum number of legal entities from the Community and any Associated States.

To keep up-to-date with the status of non-EU countries, please check: /fp5/management/particip/v-gfpbox4.htm#BOX 4 .

As a young researcher

To take up a vacancy in a Research Training Network funded under the Fifth Framework Human Potential Programme, young researchers must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Age - they must be aged 35 or less at the time of their appointment to the network (exceptions can be made for compulsory military or civil service and for childcare);

  • Qualifications - they must be holders of a doctoral degree or of a degree that qualifies them to embark on a doctoral degree;

  • Nationality - they must be nationals of an EU Member State or Associated State or have resided in an EU Member State for at least five years immediately prior to their appointment in a network.

  • International Mobility - a national of a state other than the one in which they will be located in the network and must not have carried out their normal activities in that state for more than 12 of the 24 months prior to their appointment. For non-EU Member or Associated State nationals wishing to be appointed in a Research Training Network which started in 2002 only, you must not have resided in the country in which your potential host institute is situated for more than two years in the last five years immediately prior to appointment.

For Research Training Networks funded under the previous Fourth Framework TMR programme, the eligibility criteria are broadly similar except that:

  • Young researchers must be nationals of an EU Member State or of the Associated States: Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, Norway only. There is no retroactive association of the candidate states for EU membership and the five years residency condition for other nationals does not apply.

  • They must not have carried out their normal activities in that state for more than 18 of the 24 months prior to their appointment.

If a Research Training Network is unsure whether a candidate satisfies all these necessary conditions, it is advisable to consult the Commission before appointment in order to avoid possible difficulties at a later date.

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