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Research Training Networks - Guide to coordinators - How to create and update

Research Training Networks

How to create and update your Database Report on the Internet?

Network coordinators have the possibility to create and modify the Database Report for their contract directly. The Commission has made the skeleton, and you just have to fill in or update the different parts. To this end, the European Commission provides the coordinators with a login and a password. The database reports are classified by discipline and are linked to the network home page.

Should you have any further questions, please send an e-mail to (email removed) .

How to proceed?

  1. Go to /archive/message1_en.html
  2. Click on Login, and enter your username and password
  3. Enter your contract number (last three digits is sufficient) in the section "Network search" and click on "Search".
  4. Click on your Network Title to have the details
  5. Under the "Homepage", click on "Change these Details" if you want to update your Database Report

You have the possibility to update the Acronym and Title (only if you notice a spelling mistake), the Objectives, the Partnership, the Applications, the Training Aspects, The Results and theHomepage.

You will find hereafter how to detail these paragraphs.

You can also change the Partners/ Coordinator details by clicking on their name. The Name of the Coordinator, the Start Date, the Finish Date and the Duration cannot be changed as prior approval of the Commission is required.


  • do not forget to update each different part
  • you will need the printout of your updated Database Report to send together with the other required documents to the Commission for your Initial, Annual and Final Report
  • your Database Report is also a window to the outside world and the Scientific Community

Research Training Networks

Database Report

The Database Report should be presented in the following format on the Internet:
Associated Vacancies: See "How to create, update or delete your Network Vacancy "
Contract Number: Update by the Commission only.
Acronym: The acronym or short title used to identify the project, maximum 30 characters
Title: The "official title" as in the contract, maximum 20 words
Project Commencement Date: Field generated by the Commission.
Finish Date: Field generated by the Commission.
Duration: Field generated by the Commission.
Objectives: Schematic description of the objectives as well as of the main experimental approach. The first sentence should be an easy to understand, appealing presentation of the network, maximum 15 lines
Partnership: Description of how the partners work together. The "Organisation and Management" section from Annex I of the contract may be referenced for this. , maximum 10 lines
Applications: Give a description of potential applications and usefulness for industry and society, maximum 10 lines
Training Aspects: Description of the training aspects of the work and the disciplines in which the young researchers will be trained and how the young researchers will be integrated into the project, maximum 10 lines
Results and Achievements: The limited space will confine the description to major (starting with the first update) results and scientific breakthroughs, maximum 15 lines . Please write this section such that it makes sense when taken on its own. Include specific results rather than statements on the number of meetings / publications / exchanges.
Discipline: Address of the Home Page created by the network. There will be a link to access this Home Page. If it is not available at the time of the initial report, please inform us as soon as it has been set up.
Network Home Page: Address of the Home Page created by the network. There will be a link to access this Home Page. If it is not available at the time of the initial report, please inform us as soon as it has been set up.
Partners: Field generated by the Commission, to change a partner click on Partner Name: Title (Professor / Doctor), First Name, Family Name, Institution and Department Name, Town Name, Country.
Coordinator: Click on Coordinator Name to change: Address, Post Box, Post Code, Town Name, Country, Phone, Fax, Email.

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