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Raising Public Awareness - European Science and Technology Week

Raising Public Awareness

European Science and Technology Week

The objective of the European Science and Technology Week is to improve citizens' knowledge and understanding of science and technology and their benefit to society.

European Commission support provides a framework for a concentration of activities, which may be set up jointly by museums, universities, schools, enterprises, science centres and all kinds of organisations dealing with public understanding of science in different European countries. Activities may include special TV programmes, exhibitions, contests, conferences, electronic networking, and other science-related activities to promote the public understanding of science and technology.

The projects funded must have a clear European dimension in terms of their scientific or technological activities; the public targeted; and the level of collaboration within the projects themselves.

For example proposals could involve:

  • the culmination at the European level of activities initiated at the national level across Europe (for example, collaborative projects, competitions).

  • the launch of events or activities that are subsequently diffused at the national level (for example, science exhibitions, videos, programmes...).

  • the launch of essentially European events or activities that have no clear national forum or whose potential can be better developed on a trans-national level.

  • activities for complementing the Commission's own initiatives for familiarising European citizens with the objectives of Community research programmes.

The week is organised by the EC Human Potential Programme activity 'Raising Public Awareness'.

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