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Science and technologies - Common Basis for Science

Supporting Science and Technology Policies
Common Basis for Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators

This activity involves the provision of relevant and comparable indicators at different levels (regional, national, European, world) required for the design, co-ordination and assessment of RTD strategies in Europe. Carried out in conjunction with the Statistical Office and the relevant Commission Services and in co-operation with the specialist institutes in Europe, this activity should gradually establish a common European base of science, technology and innovation indicators.

    Calls published 16.01.2001
    Calls published 15.06.1999
   1. Objectives
   2. Why is this activity needed ?
   3. The 3 main pillars of this activity
   4. Some subjects of particular interest
   5. Who may participate in this activity ?
   6. Building on previous work
   7. Expected outcomes
   8. Provisional calendar
   9. Practical information for Participants

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