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Socio-economic Research - Events

Socio-economic Research

Kick off meeting of the proposals funded under the Third Call

With the support of the EU Fifth Framework Programme, 89 new Research Projects and Thematic Networks have recently started in the field of Social Sciences and Humanities.
Press Release - Meeting Proceedings

Presidency Conferences

The Key Action « Improving the Socio-economic knowledge Base » organises, in cooperation with the various EU Presidencies, " Presidency Events ", aiming at linking research results with policy priorities. Research on social, economic, political and cultural issues, mainly coming from EU funded projects, is challenged to answer some key political questions, mostly related to each individual Presidency strategic priorities.

Several Presidency Events were already organised. In most of the cases Conference Proceedings are already available, either in paper or in electronic format . For more information on these Conferences click here .

Dialogue Workshops

non governmental organisations and business. Several Dialogue Workshops have already taken place and some more will be organised . For more information click here .

Other related events

Independent of the dialogue series, a number of related events, conferences and workshops on research and society/policy making, are also organised. Click here for more information.

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