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Socio-economic Research - Publications

Socio-economic Research



The European Union's 4 th RTD Framework Programme (1994-1998) provided a major impetus for European level Socio-economic research, through the creation of the Targeted Socio-economic Research Programme (TSER Programme).

This research is being further deepened and widened through the implementation of the Key Action "Improving the Socio-economic Knowledge base" in the 5 th RTD Framework Programme (1998-2002).

Many of the results of these research projects are of potentially major importance to a variety of users. Therefore, some effort has been devoted to the development of an effective publication and dissemination strategy.

This list of Publications provides information on existing publications, either in paper or in electronic version, as well as on publications to be available in the near future. Since the Key Action projects have commenced only recently, most of these publications arise from the TSER Programme.

The list is structured as follows:

1. Projects synopses series

For information on RTD projects and thematic networks which have been selected for funding following various calls for proposals.

2. Project reports series

3. Studies series

All publications "hors serie", such as those arising from studies funded through Accompanying Measures, pilot actions, or scientific reports arising from projects, thematic networks, etc...

4. Conference and Workshop Proceedings

Proceedings from various Conferences and Workshops organised within the framework of the TSER Programme and of the Key Action.

Further information

For further information on EU Socio-economic Activities or to obtain the publications featured on this pages in a paper version:

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