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Women and Science - Documents

Women and Science


  • ETAN Report on Women and Science: Science Policies in the European Union: Promoting excellence through mainstreaming gender equality, 2000
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  • Network Guide, 2001
    PDF: en

  • Gender Impact Assessment Studies - Synthesis Report, 2001
    PDF: en
    Note: The full executive summaries and reports will be available shortly.

  • Gender in Research - FP5 Series

  • Gender and Research Conference, Brussels, 8-9 November 2001
    Summary and Conclusions (PDF): en
    Proceedings of the conference (PDF): en

  • National Reports from the Helsinki Group countries, 2001

  • European Report : National Policies on Women and Science in Europe, 2002

  • Women in Industrial Research - A wake up call for European industry , 2003

  • Extracts from the European Report on Science & Technology Indicators (ERSTI/REIST): Encouraging Women into S&T - Women in Science: What do the indicators reveal?, 2003
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Background documents

  • Communication of the Commission adopted on 17 February 1999

  • Resolution of the Council adopted on 20 May 1999

  • Resolution of the Parliament adopted on 3 February 2000
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  • Progress Report: Commission Staff Working Paper
    Women and Science: the gender dimension as a leverage for reforming science, 15 May 2001
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  • Council Resolution on Science and Society and on Women in Science, 26 June 2001
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