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Women and Science - Helsinki Group

Women and Science

Helsinki Group on Women and Science

Recognising the need to put the women and science debate on a policy footing, the European Commission established a group of national representatives responsible for women and science issues in both European Union Member States and countries associated to the Framework Programme in November 1999.

This group, which met for the first time in Helsinki and is now commonly known as the Helsinki Group on women and science, has provided an important forum for dialogue about national policies and for sharing and comparing experiences. It meets regularly twice a year, usually in June and December. The Commission's Progress Report of May 2001 includes an update on the work of the Helsinki Group.

After two years of joint activity, the Helsinki Group members produced national reports on the situation of women scientists in their respective countries.

Based upon these national contributions, a European report entitled "National Policies on Women and Science in Europe", which describes and analyses the different national contexts and policies, was prepared for the Helsinki Group by Professor Teresa Rees, Cardiff University. This report is available only in English, but the Executive Summary is available in the 11 EU languages.

In order to help the Commission collecting sex-disaggregated statistics and building gender sensitive indicators , the Helsinki Group members appointed national statistical correspondents who met for the first time in Brussels in March 2001.

Statistical Correspondents

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