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Women and Science

In most European countries, there are now proportionately more female than male graduates under 30, but women remain under-represented in science and in decision-making bodies concerned with scientific issues. This is both a waste of human resources and a serious obstacle for the development of the sciences and for European society as a whole.

Women Evaluators needed for FP6 Proposals

How to participate in FP6

Under FP5, the Women and science activities were part of the "Improving Human Research Potential & Socio-economic Knowledge Base" programme. Under FP6, Women and science is integrated in the Science and Society activities.

Detailed information on gender related activities in the domain of research and technological development can be found on:

The Science and Society websites:

  • Science and Society activities in the EU
  • Science and Society in FP6 , dedicated to participants in the EU research activities dealing with Science and Society (and covering Women and Science related activities).

Other specific websites or web pages:

  • ENWISE (Enlarge "Women In Science" to East), dedicated to the gender equality recommendations in the Eastern and Central European countries and the Baltic States.
  • WIR (Women in Industrial Research)
  • Statistics and Indicators
  • Gender Mainstreaming - FP5 Statistics
  • Sex-disaggregated statistics
  • Documents and publications
  • Contact

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