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Women and Science - Documents - Resolution «Women and Science»

Women and Science

Resolution "women and science"

The Research Council adopted a resolution on «women and science» on 20 May 1999.

This Resolution, available, English , French , German , Dutch , Danish , Greek , Spanish , Italian , Portuguese , Swedish , Finnish , backs up the Commission's communication. It invites Member States to contribute to the common effort of improving statistics on the participation of women in research, to engage in the dialogue proposed by the Commission on the different policies implemented in Member States, and to pursue the objective of gender equality in science through national policies.

The Commission is asked to produce comparable data , to pursue its effort to increase women's participation in the FP5 , to propose guidelines for futher initiatives, and to deliver a new communication within two years on progress in implementing the measures proposed in the communication in order to contribute to the preparation of future Community research policies and programmes.

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