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Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) (2002-2006)

Go to INCO FP6 home page The general objective of international cooperation activities carried out under the current Framework Programme (FP6) is to help open up the European Research Area to the world. These activities focus on the mutually beneficial efforts of the Community and its Member States on the one hand and INCO target countries and other third countries on the other. The major areas of assistance are: third country participation in the various thematic programmes ( see Art 6 of the Rules for Participation )(PDF - 132 KB) , funding researchers' mobility ( Marie Curie actions ), and a dedicated programme for international scientific cooperation (INCO).

Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) (2007-2013)

Go to FP7 home page FP7, the EU's chief instrument for funding scientific research and technological development over the period 2007 to 2013, is one of the most important elements in realising the Lisbon agenda for growth and competitiveness. The Commission's proposals for the Seventh Framework Programme , published 6 April 2005, followed by the adoption of the Specific Programmes on 21 September 2005, will now go through the co-decision procedure for approval and adoption by the European Parliament and Council.

Information on International Cooperation in FP7:

Past Framework Programmes

International cooperation activities have been an integral part of the framework programs dating back to 1984. Work conducted as part of Framework Programmes 4 and 5 may be consulted below.

Go to FP5 INCO home page - INCO in Framework Programme 5 (1998-2002)
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- INCO in Framework Programme 4 (1994-1998)







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