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ACP – EU Fisheries Research Report Number 5


This report presents the proceedings of a three day scientific conference on “Ocean Food Webs and Economic Productivity”, held from July 1-3, 1998 at the Instituto de Investição das Pescas e do Mar (IPIMAR) in Lisbon, Portugal, under the auspices of the ACP-EU Fisheries Research Initiative and the European Commission (DG VIII). The conference formed part of the EXPO’98 held in Lisbon during the summer of 1998. The conference was based on the premise that the continued economic productivity of the oceans depends on the maintenance of their ecological integrity, much threatened by a global fisheries crisis, which manifests itself in runaway fishing mortality and vanishing social benefits. Thus, this report is based on a three-step structure, each corresponding to one conference day, and moving from a ‘General Diagnosis’ of the status of ocean ecosystems to ‘Sectoral Responses’, and thence to ‘New Arrangements’. The ‘General Diagnosis’ documents the present crisis of fisheries and the magnitude of fisheries impact on ocean ecosystems and their productivity. ‘Sectoral Responses’ shows how the fisheries sector (including fisheries science) views the crisis, and illustrates approaches that might be used to mitigate fisheries impacts with emphasis on Marine Protected Areas. ‘New Arrangements’ then deals with the new institutions and actors that may contribute to resolving the crisis of fisheries, and the ecological threats to ocean productivity that emanate from this crisis. One possible conclusion: cautious optimism.

For bibliographic purposes this report should be cited as follows:

Pauly , D., V Christensen & L. Coelho (Editors), 1999. Proceedings of the EXPO’98 Conference on Ocean Food Webs and Economic Productivity. ACP-EU Fish. Res. Rep. , (5): 87 p.

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