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Welcome to the Centres of Excellence in Candidate Countries

As a contribution to restructuring the science and technology sector of the countries concerned, the 34 independent Centres of Excellence get financial support from the European Commission in order to bring together theoretical and applied research, in the natural, social and economic sciences, using a multi-disciplinary approach. The objective is to support the economic and social developments of their region, in conformity with the interest of the Union as a whole. Their links with other European research centres, will be improved through workshops, conferences, co-ordination of a research network with other EU and pre-Accession Countries, visiting fellows (teachers and/or researchers) form EU and pre-Accession countries, etc.

The 34 Centres of Excellence are located in 8 New Member States and 2 Pre-Accession Countries: Poland (9), Hungary (6), Romania (4), Bulgaria (3), Czech Republic (3), Cyprus (2), Estonia (2), Slovakia (2), Lithuania (2), and Slovenia (1).

They cover eight broad scientific disciplines: Biology (11), ICT (6), Physics (5), Mathematics (3), Engineering (3), Socio-Economics (2), Medicine (2) and Environment (2).

From the 34 Centres of Excellence, 23 are Academies, 9 Universities, and 2 other Institutes.

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