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Work Programme

Work programmes are official documents describing the implementation of EU research programmes and are periodically revised as the programme proceeds. Current work programmes support the calls for project proposals launched in 2005. Due to the way FP6 is structured, a single work programme covers all seven thematic priorities and also a variety of other research and support activities such as Specific International Scientific Cooperation Activities (INCO) which share the strategic goal of integrating and strengthening European Research.

However, this single work programme has been split up and packaged as separate documents for each thematic priority. The documents available from the first link include a "General Introduction" which describes cross-cutting issues relevant to all priorities, and annexes, which include an explanation of "The common evaluation criteria for evaluating proposals" (in general annex B). The specific section describes the research objectives of Specific International Scientific Cooperation Activities (INCO) and the scientific "topics" open to project proposals in the 2005 INCO calls.

General introduction and annexes

2005 INCO Work Programme:


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