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Press Conference on Key Figures 2003-2004 and the 'Brain Drain Study'

November 25, a press conference was held in Brussels to present the most recent version of the 'Key Figures' and the much awaited results of the so-called 'Brain Drain' study.

Concerning the Key Figures, the main message conveyed by Commissioner Busquin concerned the significant slowdown of the EU-15' transition towards a knowledge-based economy.

The second big issue concerned data analysis and policy implications following a study on the mobility of qualified scientists, prepared by MERIT, the University of Maastricht. Empirical evidence has been collected for a number of EU-15 Member States and Central and Eastern European countries. See the MERIT 2003: 'Brain Drain' executive summary.

Key Figures 2003-2004
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ISBN: 92-894-5814-3
ISSN 1725-3152
To read the press release and accompanying Snapshots click below.
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Press release  
Snapshots on Key Figures 2003-2004
Snapshots on 'Brain Drain'
1. Slowdown of Transition towards the Knowledge-Based Economy

2. Investment in Research and Development: Are we still on track?

3. International R&D Flows: The share of the EU-15 in decline

4. From ‘European Paradox’ to declining competitiveness?

1. Emigration Flows for Qualified Scientists: Past, Present and Future

2. The Brain Drain to the US: Challenges and Answers


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