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ETS Background

ETS stands for European Trusted Services. DG XIII, in consultation with SOG-IS, started addressing the issues of Trusted Services through its initiative in 1992 on Electronic Signatures (ES) and Trusted Third Party Services (TTPS). Through a "Call for Ideas", a subsequent Workshop, and consultation with sector actors, this was a first attempt to decide on what options might be available for progressing the concept of Electronic Signature further at the European level.

In parallel, a specific task in the 1993 Security Investigations Programme also contributed to an increased understanding of the issues and thus identified the key role of Trusted Third Parties. At the same time, the need to address this matter in the context of real applications was recognised. The subsequent three TTP pilots sponsored by the European Commission focused on the multinational operational infrastructure needed and the existing technical, legal and operational bottlenecks by addressing individual application areas.

The main results and recommendations of all previous work showed the importance of the creation of user confidence which the new Global/European Information Infrastructure services must offer.

Information and the final report of the different ETS activities are now available together with the final report of the ETS Evaluation Group.

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