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of 31 March 1992
in the field of security of information systems


Article 1

An action in the field of the security of information systems is hereby adopted. It comprises:

  • development of overall strategies for the security of information systems (action plan) for an initial period of 24 months, and
  • setting-up Senior Officials Group with a long-term mandate to advise the Commission on action to be undertaken in the field of the security of information systems, hereinafter referred to as the `Committee`.

Article 2

1. The Commission shall consult the Committee systematically on issues relating to the security of the information systems for the various activities carried out by the Community, in particular on the definition of work strategies and programmes.

2. The action plan, as indicated in the Annex, shall include preparatory work under the following themes:

  1. development of a strategic framework for the security of information systems;
  2. identification of user and service provider requirements for the security of information systems;
  3. solutions for immediate and interim needs of users, suppliers and service providers;
  4. development of specifications, standardization, evaluation and certification in respect of the security of information systems;
  5. technological and operational developments in the security of information systems;
  6. provision of security of information systems.

Article 3

1. The Community funds estimated as necessary for the execution of the action amount to ECU 12 million for the initial period, including ECU 2 million for 1992 within the 1988-1992 financial perspective. For the subsequent period of application of the programme, the amount will have to be included in the Community financial framework in force.

2. The budgetary authority shall determine the appropriations available for each financial year, taking into account the principles of sound management referred to in Article 2 of the Financial Regulation applicable to the general budget of the European Communities.

Article 4

An evaluation of the progress achieved during the initial period shall be carried out for the Commission by a group of indepedent experts. This group's report, together with any comments by the Commission, shall be submitted to the European Parliament and the Council.

Article 5

1. The Commission shall be responsible for implementing the action. It shall be assisted by an advisory committee composed of representatives of the Member States and chaired by the representative of the Commission.

2. The action plan shall be implemented in accordance with the objectives set out in Article 2 and updated where necessary. It shall set out the detailed objectives and types of actions to be undertaken, and the financial arrangements to be made for them. The Commission shall make calls for proposals on the basis of the action plan.

3. The action plan shall be implemented in close collaboration with the sector actors. It shall take into account, promote and complement the European and international standardization activities under way in this

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