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ETS-II: Final Reports

To download a summary of each project, click on the Project Title. (Word document)

Notice of Conditions

Before downloading, please note the following conditions:

This report has been prepared for the European Commission under contract and is placed on this web site to ensure the widest possible dissemination of the results of our work on ETS. However, please note that the European Commission does not necessarily endorse the content or conclusions of the report. Extracts from the report may be freely taken, so long as the source is clearly acknowledged.

Project Title Contact Final Report

The Architecture of a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
in MS-Word or PDF

Expertnet S.A. (GR)
Mr. D. Androutsopoulos
(email removed)

Download in MS Word

Service Evaluation Definition for User Confidence and ETS Recognition

the Zygma partnership (UK)
Mr. Richard Wilsher
(email removed)

Download in ZIP/MS Word
(Contains three MS Word documents)

Legal Issues of Liability and Evidence in the Provision of Trusted Services (CA and TTP Services)
in MS-Word or PDF

Mr. Luca Remotti
(email removed)

Download in MS Word

Cost Model for ETS
in MS-Word or PDF

Cryptomathic A/S (DK)
Mr. Peter Landrock
(email removed)

Download in MS Word

Business Environment Study of Trusted Services
in MS-Word or PDF

PriceWaterhouseCoopers N.V
Mr. Robbert Fisher
(email removed)

Download Final Report in MS Word

Download annex in MS Word

Public Key Infrastructure with Time Stamping Authority
(previous name: PITA)
in MS-Word
or PDF

Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre (F.N.M.T.)
Mr. Jesus Pita Andreu
(email removed)

Download Final Report - Overview in MS Word

Download in - Deliverable 2 in MS Word

Security in the WWW, Mutual Impact of ETS and the WWW
in MS-Word or PDF

University of Cambridge
Computer Laboratory
Mr. Bruno Crispo
(email removed)

Download in MS Word

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European Commission
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