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Amsterdam 97 Workshop and Conference on Telework

Following the first international workshop, "From Telecommuting to the Virtual Organisation", held in London, 1996, a second event under the theme "Building Actions on Ideas", will take place from September 2-5, in Amsterdam. The four-day event , sponsored by the European Commission and by European Telework Development , will include a Final Day Conference , at which workshops outcomes will be presented and discussed with a wider audience ( registration to this conference is still open).

Amsterdam 97 will provide in-depth discussion of key issues in Teleworking, Alternative Officing, Virtual Organisations, Internet-based Working and Computer-Supported Distributed Work. It aims to draw together the latest conceptual, theoretical and empirical work of researchers and academics and the practical experiences and problems of practitioners and policy-makers.

A workshop on Virtual Innovation and Implementation will discuss the issues raised by organisational changes involving virtual forms of work, such as Learning and Knowledge Management in Virtual Organisations and Design and Implementation of Virtual Work Arrangements .

Another workshop on New Developments and Perspectives in Telework is concerned with recent, practical and conceptual developments in the field of teleworking, including Telework: Recent International Cases and Rethinking Telework: New Ways of Understanding and Managing . The workshop on Virtual Network Dynamics will concentrate on those issues of virtual innovation of particular relevance to teams, networks and small businesses: Virtual Team Working , Small Firms and Telematics Networks. A workshop on Social Dynamics of Virtual Working will be dedicated to understanding how social dynamics are affected by virtual working: Management, Control and Organisational Issues and Human Resource Issues and Work / Non Work Boundaries.

In the afternoon, the one day conference will discuss the outcomes of the workshops, which will draw together international groups of researchers, practitioners consultants, in order to raise the cutting edge issues involved in the field. Morning sessions include presentations titled Building Action on International Experiences, Free as a Bird and as a Spider in the Web, Get Acquainted with the Interpolis Office Concept, Telework in the Netherlands, Leveraging Global Resources for Collaborative Working, Telework in Europe and Outcomes of the First International Workshop - London 96.

See also the articles on Telework '97: Good Practise for the Future and Telework Awards - Practical Contributions to Europe's Success in this issue.

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