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New Mobility Actions between ESPRIT and ACTS

Technologies for flexible access to Mobile Multimedia Services

In this perspective 3 new ACTS (starting in March 98) and 3 new ESPRIT (started in January 98) projects will be running until 2000 focussed on providing technologies for flexible access to Mobile Multimedia Services.

The 3 ESPRIT projects are: M3A, PROMURA, SLATS


The M3A project concerns "significant advances to nomadic appliances applications and systems" by using current advanced technology and aims to bind the three different kinds of networks (GSM, DAB, HyperLAN) all together and make them work transparently to a browser.

The M3A project will provide UMTS like services, help in gaining experience and understanding of the user reaction. It will also help to concentrate on the Network and Terminal technology by exploiting the existing and the Agent technology, in order to produce a compact realistic terminal.

The M3A Consortium consists of :

It will be implemented in three phases:

1st & 2nd integration phase, and a
3rd phase during which the Trials and Measurements will take place.

The M3A project has started at the January 1 1998 and will end by March 31 2000.

PROMURA (PROgrammable Multimode Radio for Multimedia Wireless Terminals)

PROMURA is the first step towards evolution of Multi-Band and Multimode Markets, which will lead to the production of Multimedia Wireless Terminals supporting UMTS, TD-CDMA and WB-CDMA. The main project objective is to develop a prototype of programmable RF System that will support TDMA & CDMA Wideband -RF architecture and to develop H/W blocks for WB-Radio solution by using the BipSiGe advantages.

The main project challenges are the following :

The PROMURA-project has started on the 1/1/98 and has a duration of 24 months.

The project's Consortium consists of:

For further information contact Mr. Christian Politano.

SLATS (S/w Libraries for Advanced Terminal Solutions)

The SLATS project is developing S/W libraries for S/W Radio Applications for both 2nd and 3rd generation systems and for a range of platforms.

The project consists of two phases:

The results which will be available in the first quarter of 2000, will enable potential developers of S/W Radio Systems to rapidly prototype and develop S/W- Radio-Applications.

Project's Consortium is formed by:

The project has started from January 1998 and will run until January 2000.

For further information contact Mr. Adam Drewer.

The 3 ACTS projects are: SORT, RAISIN, SUNBEAM

SORT (Software Radio Technologies)

The SORT's project main objective is the realization of a flexible and efficient S/W Programmable Radio which requires Adaptive Radio Access and more flexible and efficient process architectures. Mainly, the SORT project which is highly connected to the SINUS-project, aims to the implementation of an Air I/F Model and an Adaptive Transceiver Architecture.

The project will evolve in three phases :

Finally validation of he results will be needed, as well as suitable management of the project and support activities from other projects.

The project Consortium consists of: