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ASIS: Alliance for a Sustainable Information Society

ASIS The new technologies of the Information Society, and the changes they facilitate and induce in society, provide unique opportunities to help in achieving Sustainability, but it is not always clear how to capitalise on these opportunities.

The objective of the project (Alliance for a Sustainable Information Society) of the ACTS Programme is to demonstrate how best the objectives of sustainability can be supported by inducing an appropriate direction to the development of the Information Society. This will involve creating a climate of understanding and commitment. The Strategic Alliance will encourage the very wide participation of public and private organisations that is required to work towards the new ways of working, playing and living that comprise a Sustainable Information Society. This society may be seen as the next step along the path towards a fair, fulfilling, prosperous and sustainable world.

The basic principles behind the Strategic Alliance can be stated quite simply:

As well as initiating the Strategic Alliance the ASIS project will support it by modelling and demonstrating the beneficial interaction between Information Society tools and Sustainability objectives, and by disseminating and publicising results within and outside the Strategic Alliance. However, it is the members of the Strategic Alliance, acting voluntarily, who alone can generate the critical mass of opinion and influence that is necessary to create movement towards the required changes.

Call for participation to join the Strategic Alliance

The ASIS project capitalizes on the work done in the past within the ACTS programme. It investigates how ACTS results can be used to contribute to the achievement of a Sustainable Information Society. The results of this investigation serve as input for the development of recommendations for concrete actions towards a Sustainable Information Society. Relevant documents, such as a Statement of Intent for a Sustainable Information Society, written by the ASIS consortium can be downloaded from the ASIS website < >.

ASIS invites all participants in ACTS to join the ASIS Strategic Alliance. For details, please contact the ASIS Project Manager Dr. Klaus Tochtermann (email removed) .

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