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Digital Audio-Visual Work-Trading by ATM

Main Objectives
The project aims at developing a new mechanism to trade digital audio-visual material based on: The immediate availability for sale of digital AV material made possible by digital Satellite News Gathering.
Finally the project will provide all the elements, technical, commercial and legal, on which to establish a company running the business of collecting digital AV material, performing value-added operations on it and sell it in a timely fashion.

Technical Approach
The ATMAN project has been set up with the intention of studying which should be a new mechanism that would allow trading of AV material in digital form, testing the usability of the technologies and eventually implementing the trading model on the market place. For this purpose it will

The project partners represent the three main actors in an ATMAN scenario. Moreover, the partners intend to include in the project a major North-American content and service provider at later date.

Summary of Trial
The hardware and software subsystems and all of the mechanisms and protocols developed in the project have to be integrated to form a complete prototype ATMAN system, whose performances and functionalities shall be tested in the field under real operating conditions. Major purpose of the demonstration will be to assess the efficiency of the ATMAN trading model, particularly the possibility to effectively browse, access and transfer AV content in a co-ordinated fashion while taking into proper account the legal and commercial issues related to such activities.

Key Issues

The Satellite News Gathering (SNG) ATM terminal has been designed that will allow to establish an ATM path, lying on a satellite link and on the ATM world-wide network, connecting the site where audio-visual material is produced directly to the ATMAN server
The syntax and semantics of the description associated to an audio-visual content made available for sale on the ATMAN system have been specified. This description is the basis for all the searching, viewing, trading and downloading procedures that are going to be developed in the Project framework.
In the longer term, ATMAN will provide substantial improvements to the way trading of audio-visual material is conducted today. Achievement of transportation of AV works via the world-wide public telecommunication networks will accelerate the evolution and the growth of the audio-visual and multimedia businesses.
Moreover, the requirements generated within ATMAN in the form of content description specifications and interface requirements will have applications beyond the project and will certainly be considered as candidate input standards for other systems, promoting industrial compatibility and encouraging further developments within the content production chain.

Expected Impact
Content trading using an easy to use search engine and viewing capability will result in a decrease in the amount of time (and money) needed to locate suitable material and will result in an increase in the amount of material being traded. Material from minority contributors which is relevant will not be overlooked and thus the market for content will be expanded. All providers will be treated fairly by such a system, and thus it will encourage transfer of content from smaller producers and countries and not restrict the market to those with the most power to promote their products.


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