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List of Domains and Chains
Horizontal Domain

Platform Supporting the Exploitation of ACTS Project Trials

Main Objective

PRAXIS intends to demonstrate and disseminate results of the ACTS programme via sustainable and successful trials. PRAXIS will set up an ACTS Service Machine as an electronic commerce platform to act as a basis for trials by ACTS projects. The project will encourage SMEs to use the ACTS Service Machine within the framework of these trials, thus fostering success stories via active exploitation support of ACTS projects.

Technical Approach

The project will integrate the multimedia services of IMMP and AVANTI using the information of INFOWIN and the platform of SMARTS to establish a state-of-the art electronic commerce platform, the so-called Service Machine for the ACTS community. The project will also take advantage of the SMARTS user group of about 5000 European SMEs, most of them based in major European Technology Parks. The platform and user group will enable PRAXIS to offer ACTS projects an opportunity to participate in commercial feasibility trials.

Summary of Trial

ACTS projects will be approached and their principal interests identified. Investment, commercial models and implementation, as well as the practical details of their integration into the ACTS Service Machine will be discussed. The ACTS Service Machine and its user group, together with the technical and non-technical support services, will make it possible to conduct feasibility trials in a real-life environment. These trials will use a tailored market approach to evaluate the critical factors for successful exploitation. It is estimated that at least the 30 ACTS projects related to electronic commerce will participate in the commercial feasibility trials.

Key Issues

The core competence of ACTS projects is the development of leading-edge technology. Their main objective is not to implement complete service structures and build up large user groups to operate their trials. However, successful and sustainable trials need these complementary elements because a broad user base is needed to simulate services effectively under market-like conditions.

Expected Achievements

Expected Impact

PRAXIS will support ACTS projects in commercialising their technological achievments and will contribute to a more rapid exploitation of research that could improve Europe's future competitiveness. The involvement of a large number of SMEs will help create awareness of the potential of technology and encourage its take-up. This is of particular importance as SMEs are considered to be the backbone of European employment.

List of participants

GR Demokritos
CAN Futureworks
B Martech
LT Mokslo Zinios
SF Otaniemi


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