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Agent Based Brokerage Service in Electronic Commerce

Main Objective

ABROSE aims to create an agent based brokerage service. The main objectives of the project are to:

Figure 1: Potential usage of agents in Information Brokerage

Figure 1: Potential usage of agents in Information Brokerage

Technical Approach

ABROSE takes into account the results from the AC206(ABS) and AC230 (COBRA) projects, relying on existing models for the Brokerage Service .
ABROSE will include:

Figure 2: Functional blocks of the ABROSE architecture

Figure 2: Functional blocks of the ABROSE architecture

Summary of Trial

ABROSE will demonstrate its system at two different European sites. One of these is the FT/BATRU Lannion site, the other is the Onyx site, which is TCP/IP based and publicly available. ABROSE will apply the system in two different domains:
Tourism: Degriftour, an electronic travel agency, will apply the system to offer customers a remote service and to allow providers to promote special offers to their customers. The demonstration plans to allow test users to access a travel agency brokerage service, which will provide direct brokerage.
Teleworking: Teleworking is a common way of distributing work. Relying on an existing service offered by Onyx on their site, ABROSE will demonstrate how an intelligent matching of clients' requests for work to be done and offers from brokers and teleworkers can improve the brokerage service.

Key Issues

Information Brokerage

Brokerage services address the needs of users and content providers, as they facilitate the conjunction between the user's demand and the content provider's offer.

Multi Agent Systems

In a Multi Agent system, each agent has a local view of the environment, has generally specific goals and is unable by itself to solve the global task allocated to the system. For most application tasks, it is extremely difficult or even impossible to correctly determine the behavioural repertoire and concrete activities of a multi-agent system a priori, that is, at the time of its design and prior to its use.

Multi Agent Systems in Information Brokerage

ABROSE proposes a structure composed of two levels, each level corresponding to a type of particular agent:

Expected Achievements

The expected achievements of ABROSE are:

Expected Impact

ABROSE expects:

List of participants

D Deutsche Telekom Berkom GmbH
F Degriftour
RO Infomures
GR National Technical University of Athens
UK Onyx Ltd.
F Sema Group Telecoms
E Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
F Universite Paul Sabatier


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