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Commerce through MPEG4 on the Internet with Quality of Services

Main Objective

The main objective of COMIQS is the technical and service validation of a set of new paradigms introduced by recent and on-going innovations in ISO/MPEG-4/VRML (Virtual Reality Modelling Language) and the Internet IETF. Within the convergence process of interactive multimedia applications - ranging from entertainment to engineering - the COMIQS achievements will be validated in the field of Electronic Commerce.
The added value and specific contribution of COMIQS reside in the implementation and experiment of the following service and technical features: COMIQS will focus on the exploitation of MPEG-4 added functionalities for the given applications.
It will also address the use of DMIF for QoS provision in heterogeneous network environments. On the Internet side, COMIQS will work towards a Request For Comments (RFC) for MPEG-4 over Real Time Protocol (RTP).

Technical Approach

COMIQS will implement a European MPEG-4 platform based on an open and interoperable multimedia client/server architecture, on IP/IPng-based transport systems.
This architecture will be in compliance with the MPEG-4/DMIF model, and will support a JAVA based open and flexible application signalling framework, encompassing Internet application signalling concepts. It will also support Quality of Service (QoS) provision for IP/IPng-based transport systems.
This multimedia platform will consist of:

Expected Achievements

COMIQS phase-1 will deliver after 12 months a version-1 of the client/server platform, supporting the following main features: This first platform will allow the demonstration of a first set of service functionalities - integrated 2D and 3D contents, higher degree of interactivity, real-time streaming of synchronised 2D AV and 3D media on Internet - in a first application configuration and the implementation of usability testing with real end users.
COMIQS phase-2 after two years will enhance the client/server platform version-1, incorporating the following extra features:

Key Issues

The key issues of COMIQS will be:

Summary of Trials

COMIQS will carry out three pan-European experiments covering service and technical aspects : two service experiments will involve respectively real end users and Electronic Commerce professionals, and will assess the market perspectives of COMIQS features. In two locations more than twenty users will be involved. The technical experiment will validate the MPEG-4 technology over the Internet, including QoS management provision, scaleable services on a variety of access networks.

Expected Impact

COMIQS will contribute to the growth of Electronic Commerce business in Europe by introducing new service features. More generally, COMIQS technology will impact other sectors such as entertainment, distance education, collaborative engineering, telework, etc. and in turn the consumer electronic industry.
The placement of COMIQS' open and interoperable framework on the Internet will strengthen the European technology position.
COMIQS will contribute to the synergy and collaborative actions between ISO and the IETF.
The innovative features of COMIQS should result in new and attractive services on the Internet.

List of participants

SF Digital Media Institute
D Filmakademie Baden-W├╝rttemberg
I Finsiel
F GIE Echangeur
F Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique
F Laboratoire d'Electronique Philips
D Rechenzentrum Universit├Ąt Stuttgart
D Traumwerk GmbH


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