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Agent Based Mobile Access to Information Services

Main Objective

AMASE will investigate techniques for enhancing an existing agent platform to support stationary and mobile agents for wireless mobile communication environment. The project will focus on: The main goals are:

AMASE Scenario

AMASE Scenario

Technical Approach

The project distinguishes between the agent environment (Agent Facilities plus Communication Facilities) and the agent-based application.

Step 1 - Specification of the Mobile Agent Facilities

The differences between the agent systems prevent interpretability and proliferation of agent technology. In order to promote both interoperability and system diversity, the project will review the emerging OMG MAF specification where it is applicable in the AMASE Agent Facilities. Additionally the specification of the AMASE Communication Facilities will be based on the MASE specification of the OnTheMove project.

Step 2 - Enhancement of an Existing Agent Platform for Wireless Mobile Applications

AMASE will use the Siemens SWARM Platform as the starting point. The SWARM system is fully written in JAVA, known within the consortium, and the source code is available. The platform enhancement development will support secure and efficient agent operations, cost-effective adaptability to wireless network characteristics, high degree of user mobility, high degree of scalability for various device platforms, and UMTS service capabilities;

AMASE Agent Platform

AMASE Agent Platform

Step 3 - The Wireless Mobile Application Scenario - AMASE Demonstrator

AMASE will apply the developed agent environment in the domain of Wireless Mobile Applications, which support both stationary and mobile. The application will enable bank customers to access and trigger electronic banking services from their wireless mobile device.

Step 4 - Evaluation of the AMASE Demonstrator

An expert evaluation, which conducts qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the performance of the functions of the AMASE agent environment and recommendations for the relevant standard fora such as OMG MAF will be performed.

Summary of Trial

The AMASE Demonstrator will implement an application in the banking domain using the AMASE agent environment.

Key Issues

The key issues investigated by AMASE are:

AMASE Overall Environment

AMASE Overall Environment

Expected Achievements

Expected Impact

List of participants

D Deutsche Telekom Berkom GmbH
D Rheinisch-Westfaelische Technische Hochschule Aachen
D Siemens AG
F Centre de Recherche de Motorola-Paris
D Sony International (Europe) GmbH Stuttgart Technology Centre
F Sema Group Telecoms
GR Space Hellas S.A
UK University College London
RO Romanian Academy CARM


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