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Accompanying Measures

Specific objectives

Support for research infrastructures in this programme should, where relevant, take into account existing or future mechanisms for a co-ordinated approach to research infrastructures in Europe (e.g. European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures ), as well as the scientific advice of existing European and international organisations (e.g. European Science Foundation - ESF, National Research and Education Networks - NRENS). Accompanying measures under this programme may be implemented, where appropriate, to sustain these mechanisms.

The specific objectives of such measures include:

  • Facilitating the creation, circulation and maintenance of information and databases that are relevant to policy makers and other stakeholders in the domain of research infrastructures, either in a given class or across different classes.
  • Supporting existing national and international organisations in Europe wishing to undertake independent studies on science and technology issues related to policy making in the field of research infrastructures, including socio-economic and comparative analysis.

More specifically, three types of accompanying measures will be available:

  1. Database Studies will explore the feasibility of, or will actually implement, the creation, maintenance and distribution of databases, including Internet-based databases, either specific to a scientific domain or of transdisciplinary nature, which are relevant to policy makers involved with research infrastructures. Databases related to classes of infrastructure already covered by an Integrating Activity may be excluded to the extent that they may be supported within the corresponding Integrating Activity.
  2. Foresight Studies will investigate the scientific needs in relation to a given class of infrastructure in Europe, in particular how best to make use of them, if necessary to improve them or to develop new ones, on the basis of the needs expressed by the relevant scientific community. These studies may also address issues like the regional or trans-regional impact. Foresight studies may also explore, where relevant, the possible role of the Framework Programme in relation to specific classes of research infrastructure, where appropriate in the context of specific research areas.
  3. Exploratory Workshops may enable potential partners in the field of research infrastructure that have little history of transnational co-operation to explore, in one or a series of meetings, strategies for a better co-ordination of their activities. This may lead, where appropriate, to the elaboration of a proposal for Community support under one of the schemes available in the Research Infrastructures action.

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