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2004 - 2005 Survey of European Research Infrastructures


A Survey of European Research Infrastructures was undertaken by the Commission between December 2004 and January 2005. Existing Research Infrastructures of clear European dimension, as well as Infrastructures under construction within the next two years were invited to participate, whenever fulfilling the following criteria:

  1. Research Infrastructures (RI) should provide, to the scientific community, essential services needed for the performance of leading edge research, of basic or applied character. RI should be open to researchers, i.e. provide access to researchers and users from other countries.
  2. Research Infrastructures should normally represent a total cumulative investment (for the construction of the Research Infrastructure) of more than 20 Mio € (today's equivalent) ( 1 ).

The whole range of scientific and technological fields was covered.


To develop a strategic approach for Research Infrastructures at European level, comprehensive and up-to-date information about the current pattern of Research Infrastructures in Europe is essential. The overall objective of the Survey was to obtain an up-to-date picture and thus, to identify existing capacity of major Research Infrastructures in Europe and respective trends and developments, so as to better understand also the needs for future Research Infrastructures.


A questionnaire, addressing organisational, operational and financial issues as well as the international cooperation and recognition of each Infrastructure was made available, through a specific internet portal, to the scientific community and relevant stakeholders. The first round of the Survey, to be seen as a first qualitative approach, was closed on 21 January 05. Further iterations are foreseen allowing more information and/or resolution to be added to the obtained "picture".


(1) Nevertheless, RI representing an investment <20 Mio € could - and did - participate in the Survey .


The first round of the Survey of European Research Infrastructures resulted in feedback from 585 existing Research Infrastructures and 157 Research Infrastructures under construction (within the next two years), i.e. in total 742 Research Infrastructures were reported.

In depth analysis of the results is currently being undertaken. More information on the main findings resulting from the first round of the Survey will be made available soon.

A link to a compilation of “Fact Sheets� for all Research Infrastructures having replied to the Survey can be found below.

It is essential to note that the data presented should by no means be understood as a reflection of the current situation, e.g. in a given country. The information provided here only represents an analysis of the responses to the first round of the Survey.

Compilation of Fact Sheets

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