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Workshop "Future Needs for Research Infrastructures in Energy"

1st June 2005, 9:00-16:00 - DG Research

This workshop was held in Brussels to help prepare ideas for FP7 actions to support research infrastructures for sustainable energy technologies. The workshop was jointly organised by the Research Directorate's units for new and renewable energies and scientific research infrastructures. Twenty-five participants representing a wide range of energy research areas such as renewables, H2 and fuel cells took part.

The objective of the workshop was to increase awareness that energy research infrastructures are essential at European level, and to help researchers and users gain knowledge for more efficient and improved functioning of energy systems, rationalise, optimise and achieve economies of scale, maintain European leadership (wherever applicable), contribute to the development and to the implementation of diversified energy resources as well as to the development of a competitive industry contributing to European growth.

A follow-up workshop takes place in 24 January 2006, with the added participation of nuclear energy researchers. It will be less thematic, with increased involvement of industry to assess the impact of the proposed research infrastructures and to ensure a better coordination between different energy research areas.

Summary and conclusions of this workshop ( PDF )

  • Agenda.
  • Welcome, objectives of the meeting, and round table presentation by Hervé Péro, Head of Unit for Research Infrastructures and Wiktor Raldow, Head of Unit for New and Renewable Energy Sources
  • "Research Infrastructures in FP6, FP7 and beyond" by Hervé Péro ( PPT )

First session: Mapping of existing infrastructures - Needs for support at the EU-level

  • EU energy policy ( PPT )
    Karl Kellner, Head of Unit Energy RTD programme management - DG TREN, D2
  • Mapping existing infrastructures in energy. The need for coordination at EU level and with Member States:
    • Wind - Jos Beurskens ( PPT )
    • Photovoltaics - Michel Viaud ( PPT )
    • biomass - Kai Sippila ( PPT )
    • Bioenergy Research Infrastructures - Questions to address ( PPT )
    • solar thermal - Manuel Romero ( PPT )
    • geothermal - Burkhard Sanner ( PPT )
    • wave energy - Kim Nielsen ( PPT )
    • measurements - Peter Molly ( PPT )
    • H2 - Paul Lucchese ( PPT )
    • fuel cells - Detlef Stolten ( PPT )
    • CO2 and clean coal - Tony Kaiser ( PPT )
    • Electricity - Angelo Invernizzi ( PPT )

    • The session was followed by an exchange of views

Second session: Needs for new research infrastructures at EU-level

  • A vision for renewable energy research infrastructures:
    Didier Mayer, President of EUREC ( PPT ) and Arthouros Zervos, President of EREC
  • Integration of renewables and distributed resources by Jürgen Schmid, ISET ( PDF )

Third session: Energy research infrastructures at EU-level

  • Needs for new infrastructures as analyzed by the ESFRI steering group "Physical Sciences and Engineering" by Bart Laethem ( PPT )
  • Optimisation and better use of existing energy research infrastructures
    • Integrated Infrastructures Initiative (I3) by Nick Syred ( PPT )
    • Transnational access (TA) by Andrew Martin ( PPT )

The round table discussion was introduced by Gerd Eisenbeiss (Cross-sectorial approach - views of an insider) and was moderated by Hervé Péro, Wiktor Raldow, Angel Perez Sainz (Head of Unit for Energy Production and Distribution Systems). The accent of the discussion has been on:

  • Recommendations for FP7
  • Identification of priority needs and further work needed

Summary and conclusions of this workshop ( PDF )

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