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Title: Entrepreneurial Innovation in Europe
A review of 11 studies of innovation policy and practice in today’s Europe

Year of Publication: 2003

References: EUR 17051

Languages: EN

Entrepreneurial Innovation in Europe
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Category: Communication and awareness

This book summarises 11 recently published reports in the ongoing series of Innovation Policy Studies undertaken by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Enterprise. All 11 were commissioned to examine topics of current interest or concern to policy-makers in Europe – to improve understanding of the innovation needs and behaviours of firms, research institutions and investors, to assess the impacts of existing policy measures, and to explore opportunities for further policy intervention. The studies are designed to help regional, national and EU policy-makers to strengthen Europe’s innovative capacity and competitiveness through the introduction of effective, well-targeted and mutually reinforcing legislation and support measures.

Chapter 1 reviews two linked studies which together consider innovation policy and activity in the 13 countries that are candidates for membership of the European Union. Chapter 2 examines various aspects of the drive to create innovative firms and thereby employment. Chapter 3 summarises four new studies dealing with the financing of innovation. Chapter 4 summarises a study of the impact of different industrial relations policies on innovation in firms. Chapter 5 looks at corporate taxation as a means of incentivising innovation-related expenditure by firms.

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