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Title: Growth paths of technology-based companies in life sciences and information technology

Year of Publication: 2003

References: EUR 17054
Catalogue Number: NB-NA-17-054-EN-C
ISBN 92-894-4569-6

Languages: EN

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Category: Innovation Policy

This study analyses and describes, on the basis of a sample, the growth path of European high-tech companies in life sciences and information technology (IT). Chapter one describes the methodology, including a definition of high-tech firms. Chapter two provides a comparative analysis of entrepreneurial financing and incubating initiatives in Europe and discusses the main characteristics of an entrepreneurial climate. Chapter three analyses the dimensions that lead to different start-up configurations of high-tech firms, and discusses how these relate to the local entrepreneurial climate. Chapter four shows links between the entrepreneurial environment, the starting configuration and the growth process the company is going through. The study concludes with some policy recommendations.

It is published as 'Innovation Papers no 32', within the 'Innovation/SMEs' programme, part of the Fifth Research Framework Programme.

Additional Information:
European Commission, Enterprise DG, Documentation Centre
Fax: +32 2 296 9930

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