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Title: Innovation policy in a knowledge-based economy

Year of Publication: 2000

Contractors: MERIT

References: EUR 17023

Languages: EN

Innovation policy in a knowledge-based economy
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Category: Innovation Policy

Since the publication of the European Commission's 1996 First Action Plan for Innovation in Europe(1), the European Union has adopted a system-based approach to innovation policy. In this conceptual framework, technical change and innovation are understood to take place within local, regional, national and European systems which are both dynamic and complex, involving many different processes and many different actors and institutions. The ultimate goal of innovation policy is to support an increase in the productivity, profitability and market share of European firms through the development and adoption of new or improved products, processes and services. However, measures designed to raise the quantity and efficiency of innovative activities should not focus exclusively on the production and exploitation of new technologies, but must take account of the highly interdependent links between all the many 'innovation actors'. These include not only universities, research centres and industrial firms, but also investors, technology transfer professionals, national and regional policy-makers, patent attorneys and consultants, trade associations and chambers of commerce, and others.

Working Papers:

  1. The Globalisation of Technology and the European Innovation System (~84KB)
  2. Towards European Innovation and Diffusion Policy for the Knowledge-Driven Economy (~193KB)
  3. Patents - the Viagra of innovation policy? (~89KB)
  4. What is the 'knowledge economy'? - Knowledge-intensive industries and distributed knowledge bases (~111KB)
  5. The Design of a European Innovation Policy: Issues and Problems (~78KB)
  6. Innovation in the Service Sector - Selected Facts and Some Policy Conclusions (~383KB)

Additional Information:
A summary of this Study is available in " Building an innovative economy in Europe ".

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