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Title: Innovation Tomorrow
Innovation policy and the regulatory framework: Making innovation an integral part of the broader structural agenda

Year of Publication: 2002

Contractors: Louis Lengrand & Associés (France)
PREST (University of Manchester, United Kingdom)
ANRT (France)

EUR 17052
Catalogue Number: NB-NA-17037-EN-C
ISBN 92-894-4549-1

Languages: EN

Innovative SMEs and employment creation
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Category: Innovation Policy

The overall purpose of the study was:

  • to synthesise the new approaches to innovation policy required by, and being implemented within, a knowledge-based and creative society

  • to identify and review the links between innovation policy and other policies, in particular those policies relating to the legal and regulatory framework for innovation, with a view to providing analytical pointers for further co-ordination.

The study proceeded by using a number of methods:

  • Literature review was used to identify issues, debates and relevant evidence, and brief accounts of each topic prepared;

  • Case studies were used to examine concrete cases of the intersection of these policy areas and innovation; and

  • A High Level Working Group (HLWG) of senior academics, industrialists and policymakers, was convened to meet and discuss these issues, drawing on the material prepared.

Additional Information:
A summary of main findings is available for download (PDF)

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