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Title: Innovation policy issues in six Candidate Countries: the challenges

Year of Publication: 2001

Contractors: ADE - Aide à la décision économique S.A. (Belgium), MERIT, SSEES

References: EUR 17036

Languages: EN

Innovation policy issues in six Candidate Countries: the challenges
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Category: Geographical issues and approaches

Given the EU policy context, the question of how the countries applying for admission to the Union are faring in terms of developing and implementing an innovation policy is clearly of considerable importance. Accordingly, in May 2000, DG Enterprise commissioned a study on Innovation Policy in six candidate countries: the challenges. The aim was to examine and analyze the current framework conditions for selected innovation issues in six candidate states, namely Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia.

The final report seeks to offer a response to the nine priority issues, which can be summarized in the form of six general questions:

  • How has the transition process influenced the potential for businesses to innovate?
  • Where do the candidate countries stand in terms of innovation performance?
  • Is there a suitably competitive legal and institutional environment conducive to stimulating innovative activity?
  • Who is responsible for innovation policy matters in the candidate countries?
  • To what extent have these countries developed an innovation policy?
  • What types of initiatives have been taken in specific areas of innovation policy?

Additional Information:
A summary of this Study published in January 2002 is available for download (PDF) .

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