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Title: Industrial relations as a key to strengthening innovation in Europe

Year of Publication: 2003

Contractors: Catholic University of Leuwen (HIVA) (Belgium)

EUR 17060
ISBN 92-894-5666-3
Catalogue Number: NB-NA-17060-EN-C

Languages: EN

Industrial relations as a key to strengthening innovation in Europe
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Category: Innovation Management

The aim of this study was to examine the impact of industrial relations on innovation. Based on secondary literature and the framework of the European Action Plan for Innovation, the study investigated different levels and fields of European industrial relations systems in terms of potentially positive links with the innovation issue. These links have subsequently been exemplified using case studies about original practices throughout Europe.

Based on this step-by-step analysis, the report constructs a generic model of innovation-friendly industrial relations. There is evidence of a positive link between innovation and high involvement forms of direct participation. The report concludes that a distinctive set of industrial relations practices can be discerned as positively affecting the business ability to innovate.

This report is the result of an innovation policy study undertaken for the European Commission. The study has been financed under the Innovation and participation of SMEs programme, which forms a part of the Fifth Framework Programme.

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