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About the CORDIS Innovation Portal

This Innovation Portal is designed for all CORDIS users with an interest in innovation, both policy and practice. From this central point, you can access the latest policy documents on innovation, keep up-to-date on the latest news and events, and contact intermediaries that could facilitate the innovation process of your organisation.

Where does the information come from?

The Innovation Portal presents a selection of information collected by CORDIS- the Community Research and Development Information Service- that originates from different sources: European institutions, national authorities, research organisations, enterprises.

Most of the information is automatically updated as soon as it becomes available on CORDIS. News, events and highlights appearing on the homepage are updated on a weekly basis.

About Innovation Policy

This section reports on the latest innovation policy developments at Community level, provides a rapid access to relevant documents and offers information on innovation activities at national and regional level.

The section presents:

  • Innovation policy documents and studies issued by the European Commission
  • Indicators used to compare national performance on innovation in the context of the "benchmarking exercise" carried out by the European Commission
  • Community Innovation Surveys on innovation
  • Policy actions to support innovation at regional level
  • CORDIS Information Service on innovation carried out at national level

About Support Services to Enterprises

This section presents a selection of services for enterprises offered by the European Union. These services provide support and guidance on innovation matters and are presented according to their main field of activity:

  • Services to support technology transfer activities
  • Services to help financing innovation
  • Information service on Intellectual Property Rights
  • Services for start-up companies
  • Other practical sources of support

About Innovation in the Framework Programmes

This section presents activities funded under past and current European Framework Programmes for research and innovation. It provides practical information on how to participate in calls for proposals and search for research and innovation partners. It also gives the opportunity to search for past and current funded projects, through:

  • One search dedicated to Small and Medium Sized enterprises (SMEs) projects, including CRAFTs and collective research activities.
  • One search dedicated to innovation projects, including accompanying measures and coordination actions.

About Innovation Studies

The section of the Innovation Studies provides access to the latest studies dealing with wide range of areas related to innovation. This section will be updated and completed with studies from other Commission services.

About Articles on Innovation

This service has been developed to offer easy access to a range of on-line content from the innovation-related activities of the European Commission's Directorate-General for Enterprise.

For the initial phase, all the content of both Innovation & Technology Transfer magazine and Euroabstracts since the beginning of 2000 has been fully indexed according to a specially developed taxonomy of innovation themes and sub-themes, as well as by country and technology (where appropriate). This means that visitors can now quickly and in one single search find all articles relevant to their interests, even though these originally appeared in different editions of different publications.

About the Innovation Library

The Library section of the portal provides a selection of documents and publications related to innovation activities carried out under past and current European Union Framework Programmes. Documents and publications presented in the Innovation Library are a selection drawn from the wider CORDIS Library Service.



Official documents in electronic format that can be downloaded or sent directly to your mailbox. The selection covers documents related to the following Framework Programmes/activities: "Innovation" (Fourth Framework Programme), "Innovation-SMEs" (Fifth Framework Programme), FP6-Innovation (Sixth Framework Programme), FP6-Support (Sixth Framework Programme). To acquire background information about specific activities, use the CORDIS Programme Service.


Bibliographic references and abstracts of innovation publications, such as studies, reports and papers issued by the European Commission. The selection covers publications from the year 1980 onwards which are indexed with the term "Innovation, Technology Transfer".


A selection of innovation related magazines published by the European Commission: Technology Opportunities Today (Supplement to CORDIS Focus), Euroabstracts, Innovation and Technology Transfer (ITT).
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