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This facility focuses on the following key areas :

Innovation governance and strategic intelligence (strategic vision of innovation challenges and innovation potential; drivers and barriers of innovation; public intervention on innovation activity and outputs in enterprises; mutual policy learning and networking)

Innovation friendly environment (public procurement and standardisation; reducing the administrative burden; new legislation or regulations; increased rates of expenditure on research and technological innovation; uptake of strategic technologies)

Technology transfer and innovation poles (access to skilled personnel; acquisition and transfer of knowledge and technologies; innovation management; innovative infrastructures to facilitate knowledge exchange; skills corresponding to the innovation needs of enterprises; collaboration between enterprises and universities)

Creation and growth of innovative enterprises (creation and survival of innovation intensive enterprises; infrastructure to new technology based firms; innovative enterprises and business models to sectoral, regional or national markets; innovation financing; legal/regulatory framework for innovation financing; enterprises aiming at new and developing markets)

Strengthen entrepreneurial innovation including IPR (Upgrading innovation related skills and diffusing new technologies; non-technological innovation in enterprises; protection and optimising the exploitation of intellectual property; commercialisation / marketing of the results of innovation activity).

Additional contacts

Please click here to view a list with possible ideas for PRO INNO emerging from the PAXIS network.

You can also consult the TrendChart ‘Who’s who’ data base which provides contact details of policy makers and innovation agencies as well as other key stakeholders for each of the EU 25 Member States as well as the Candidate and Associated Countries

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