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Communications and consultations on innovation

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  • European Commission adopts new Communication on Innovation (2006)

  • On 13 September 2006, the European Commission has tabled a 10 point programme for action at national and European levels to foster innovation as a main asset of the EU economy... Read more

  • Public consultation on Consultation on future patent policy in Europe (2006)

  • The European Commission has launched a public consultation on how future action in patent policy to create an EU-wide system of protection can best take account of stakeholders' needs... Read more

  • Communication on the Implementation of the Community Lisbon Programme - More Research and Innovation (2005)

  • The object of the Communication is firstly to outline the commitments taken by the Community Lisbon Programme - CPL - "Common Actions for Growth and Employment: The Community Lisbon Programme" (COM(2005)330 final), by addressing the full spectrum of measures in support of research and innovation... Read more

  • Public consultation on Communication on Innovation State Aid (2005)

  • On 21 September 2005, the European Commission has launched consultations on improvements to EU state aid rules as regards projects encouraging innovation, inviting comments from stakeholders before adopting final measures... Read more

  • Public consultation on European Institute of Technology (2005)

  • A public consultation on whether and how to create a European Institute of Technology (EIT) was opened by the European Commission on 16 September... Read more

  • Public consultation: Action Plan Innnovate for a competitive Europe (2004)

  • The Commission's Enterprise Directorate-General is developing a new innovation action plan and has launched a public consultation to gather contributions from innovation stakeholders in Europe. An overview of the responses to the Public consultation closed on May 31st 2004 is now available.

  • Innovation policy: updating the Union's approach in the context of the Lisbon strategy (2003)

  • The object of the Communication is firstly to describe the diverse routes to innovation and analyse the consequences for the design of innovation policy. This analysis is complemented by examination of the current challenges, such as the persistently inadequate performance of the Union, the implications of enlargement and demographic trends... read more

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